Front Office Administrator (Scheduling, Financial, Insurance)

Sandy was the first employee Dr. Ho hired at Endodontic Care Center.  As soon as you talk to her, you’ll see why.  Insurance problem?  Sandy will fix it.  Scheduling difficulty?  Sandy will find a way to make it work.  With 22 years in the dental field, 17 of which were in endodontics, Sandy knows practically everything there is to know about insurance.  Whatever your plan, Sandy will help you maximize your insurance benefits.

Sandy brings her experience and knowledge, but it is her warm, welcoming, and empathetic attitude that makes her a Caring member of our Team.  

When Sandy isn’t scheduling, administrating or handling insurance matters, she loves to explore small towns and beaches along the Marin and Sonoma coastlines.



Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Front Office Assistant, Patient Relations

It’s no surprise that patients can sometimes be anxious or worried.  With 16 years in the dental field and a Registered Dental Assistant credential, Alicia has much experience easing patients.  Having worked in pediatric dentistry for many years, she has heartfelt empathy that calms and comforts patients.  

Alicia genuinely loves to meet people and always has a steadfast positive outlook on life.  She is known for her friendly, out-going and affable manner.  When not working chair-side with Dr. Ho or Dr. Nealon, she applies her expert multitasking skills to helping the office run smoothly.   

In her spare time, Alicia enjoys practicing yoga, dancing and mixed martial arts.



Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Front Office Assistant

Edrene (pronounced “EH-drin”) has 11 years of experience exclusively in endodontics. She is a Registered Dental Assistant, and practically knows all aspects of an endodontic office.  She helps Dr. Ho and Dr. Nealon with any and all the daily activities associated with patient Care. 

Edrene is known for being highly efficient, extremely diligent, and basically “getting the job done!”  There is really nothing this woman cannot do.  She works closely with Alicia to ensure that the front and back offices run smoothly. She is an outstanding team player, who brings a calm, mild-mannered approach to patient Care.

In her spare time, Edrene enjoys snowboarding, swimming and cooking (ask her about her honey-roasted ham!).  She is also a serious camper and makes several treks to the outdoors every year. 


Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

As a Registered Dental Assistant with 9 years of experience, Noriko was the lead assistant for a prosthodontist (crown/bridge/restorative specialist) before joining Endodontic Care Center.  This experience has given her a comprehensive knowledge of restorative dentistry.  On top of that, she is known for her meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and incredible organizational skills.  She is very exacting and has a tremendous work ethic.  We are very fortunate to have her on our team to render the Care we strive for.

Noriko is fluent in Japanese, and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, and wheel-thrown ceramics.


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