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During the Shelter-In-Place, I spent my time researching aerosol mitigation devices, as well as new disinfection measures. I was fortunate to have acted early enough to obtain these items before they became exceedingly in demand with a long waitlist to purchase.

I also spent much time (and a considerable expense) to secure PPE items, often over-paying for items on eBay. 

Through trial and error, my team and I have adjusted our protocols to protect our patients during their visit.  


Because I look through a microscope during treatment, I do not wear a faceshield because it obstructs my vision and adversely affects my ability to perform your treatments.  


Surgically Clean Air's JADE Room Air Filtration HEPA and UVC disinfection

Surgically Clean Air -White Jade Sanitiz

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Vectorfog Electric HOCL Fogger


IQAir's HealthPro Plus with Flexvac Air Suction 


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